The End…Amen

Rehab, Rogues and Renegades|With Grit & Grace|

Hey Y'all...It's only 3:19 AM--as in IN THE MORNING--and I've counted sheep, redesigned my bedroom, solved 98% of the worlds problems, rolled over approximately 37 times and watched those two little red flashing dots between the hour and minutes on the clock for three hours and still no sleep to be found. I decided to get up before I wore a hole in my sheets from turning over one more time.  I've … [Read more...]

Everything Changed

Everything Changed|With Grit & Grace|

Extreme slacker reporting for duty!  I mean, you know… I could go into a three page dissertation of why it has been a ridiculously unacceptable amount of time since my fingers have touched this keyboard, but I will spare you the “ugly cry” details and just move along….you are very welcome! However, I will add astute blogging to my list of beguiling January 1 vows like not getting distracted at … [Read more...]

Sassy Pants

SASSY PANTS|With Grit & Grace|

Hello sweet friends! I have honest to goodness been about to pull my hair out with this blog mess. I haven't been able to log on or publish any kind of post in three weeks. I'll be perfectly honest with you...I've all but given up, hung my white flag of surrender out, shut my computer down and stopped writing...for good! It has just had me simply discouraged. Well, now here I sit, finally able … [Read more...]