About Me

Well Hey Y’all….I’m Sasha….you know, like a window sash with an “a” on the end…but, I will answer to the proverbial S”ah”sha because I am called that more times than not. And, I will also answer to such names as saucer, scissors, sausage and Shasta. Because, Yes, Yes I do get called these little gems quite often.  Oh the woes of being unique!!

I was born the daughter of  a criminal detective Father and media specialist mother; I was plainly destined to be a crime fighting, book loving super hero from the beginning! complete with a monogrammed cape and some sort of fancy hair bow of course, because I am southern to the bone. Well, that comic book did not make newsstands much to my dismay. I, however, became a nurse and entered the wide world of bedpans, vomit, and the Olympic sport of holding your pee for 12 hours all while smiling and making the doctors believe they really do know more than you. I love being a nurse but have always felt a higher calling to speak and write to women across the globe.

My Mama | With Grit & Grace | http://sashacarrollonline.comThis calling came to the forefront of my heart when I lost my best friend and partner in crime back in 2001. My precious mama. God chose to receive her into His arms in Heaven at the young age of 45. Through God’s amazing Grace and the pure Grit of my determination my writing flourished and I found a way to deal with the toughness of life through humor. I do declare, here I am today with a blog and the opportunity to reach out to my sisters far and wide and share the gifts God has given me.

I currently reside in NC where I’ve been “just visiting” for almost 20 years! I have two fantastically amazing children who keep me sane, well except for when they drive me insane. I strive daily to earn the title of  mother of the year, but let’s face it; As long as the frozen pizza doesn’t burn in the oven, we have toilet paper and I do not end up on the 6 o’clock news for something insanely ridiculous…it’s been a good day!

I am so tickled to have you be a part of my journey, so buckle up, hold on tight, and lets do this!