I know I know I know! I have been so delinquent in blogging and I apologize from the depths of my soul! My life has been wrapped up in school, church, bible study, voice lessons, theater practice....squeeze in a quick shower, a bowl of cereal, and a few hours sleep and you have just experienced my life for the past few weeks. I had the privilege to teach my Sunday school class for two weeks … [Read more...]

Beautiful Chaos

Beautiful Chaos | With Grit & Grace|

  I'm sitting here typing this at 4:05 pm still in my purple snoopy pajamas because.....well, just because! Today was the official first day of school for my two bicycle motors. We woke up real late, no time for breakfast. I think I only managed to get my top teeth brushed in our mad dash to beat the tardy bell...... Oh wait, I homeschool! Yes, we did wake up real late, we didn't eat … [Read more...]