Sassy Pants

SASSY PANTS|With Grit & Grace|

Hello sweet friends! I have honest to goodness been about to pull my hair out with this blog mess. I haven't been able to log on or publish any kind of post in three weeks. I'll be perfectly honest with you...I've all but given up, hung my white flag of surrender out, shut my computer down and stopped writing...for good! It has just had me simply discouraged. Well, now here I sit, finally able … [Read more...]

Welcome Home Baby Girl

Welcome Home Baby Girl|With Grit & Grace|

October 8, 2000 started out as just an ordinary Sunday. I woke up, ate breakfast, took a shower, got dressed, went to church, came home, fixed lunch, sat down on the floor in the living room to eat (cause that was my favorite place to sit) and then...the phone rang...and I heard the broken voice of my Daddy say, "Baby, if you want to see Mama you need to get on the road right now. She don't have … [Read more...]