Embarrassing Shirker with NO Excuse

Embarrassing: the state of being foolish in front of others

Excuse: a reason you give to explain bad behavior

shirker: a person who avoids doing something they are supposed to do

I’ve been so busy. I haven’t felt good AT ALL. I had to fly to FL and almost died twice in the process. I had a family reunion. I’ve had a few speaking engagements. I’ve been dealing with so very much. I got a new puppy. My kids have been testing me. We’ve been remodeling our bathroom. I had to go to the dentist. I had a headache. I’ve been dealing with severe numbness in my fingers. It snowed one time. I had to shave the winter coat off my legs. I had to go out of town for some nursing training. I had a brutal observation visit for this training. I’ve been stressed. My computer has won a gold medal for pommel horsing on my last nerve. Would you like me to keep going or just stop here?

Regardless, none of these aforementioned award winning excuses are in any way acceptable for my lack of properly posting on my blog since December 31, 2014! Holy What??! Sasha, YOUare the weakest link, goodbye!

So let me just catch you up on my little corner of the universe…. If you follow me on Facebook then you are pretty up to date on the “I had to fly to FL and almost died twice excuse.” If not, then just find me at Sasha Farmer Carroll and enjoy the adventure! If you follow me on Instagram (withgritngrace) then you are up to date on pretty much everything that’s been on my mind and in my heart and some cute pictures for good measure because for some reason I have oh so properly posted on social media and I have begrudgingly neglected this precious and dream of my heart BLOG! Again, Sasha…YOU are the weakest link, GOODBYE!

Anyway…I did get a new puppy. She is a toy poodle and her name is Josie Pearl and she is so sweet…The End!image2

All that other stuff has happened too, but I am excited (now that the training is over) about some PRN work I will be doing on my nursing side of life. I am a nurse evaluator and will be administering some state certification test to community colleges in North and South Carolina….I’ll spare all the details….but, part of the test is skills based and I am NOT allowed to say anything to these candidates except, “Do what you think is best.” Well, that has now turned in to my new catch phrase and I may or may not have overused it just a smidge. So, due to the slacking nature of my blogging behavior, if you feel as though you need to no longer follow me then…Do what you think is best.

I have also discovered this new app called Dubsmash and have become a little ridiculously addicted to it and its ability to magnify my professional acting capabilities (if you happen to have an opening in your latest movie, please consider me, this is also a dream of mine)….please enjoy this attached clip and you’re welcome in advance for my stellar rendition of a Kardashian meltdown. dubsmash

It’s baseball time and that always excites me! My Kennedy plays baseball and she’s a girl and she’s good and she’s one of the only girls in minors and did I mention she’s a girl? I would say this even if she wasn’t mine! The lil gal can play ball y’all. She loves to dress up and have me fix her hair and paint her nails and put her little cute wedges on for church but she also loves to slick that hair back under her hat, lace up her cleats and blast a ball past the second baseman (umm, who is a boy) and run like she stole something… all…the…way…home! That’s a homerun for those who may not know!IMG_2123 But, it is quite possible she gets this well-rounded behavior from her mother who loves a cute outfit, stilettos and some make-up on Sunday but who also throws on my blue’s during the week because I am a Dixie Youth Umpire…betcha didn’t see that one coming! Yes, I’m sure this season will be filled with name calling and snide remarks and inappropriate but seemingly obvious comments like…You’re a WOMAN!  And if I find this to become obscene and/or a nuisance during my games I do have the power to….Do what I think is best….and dismiss them from the game!

I do sincerely apologize for my lack of posting on the official blog. I have no valid excuse for not staying consistent with this path Lord has placed me on.

If I could see you all face to face I would give you a hug and say I love ya…..but in regards to whether or not you return the favor, I hope you would…Do what you think is best.


Sasha <><


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