Go Ahead, Complicate It!

Go Ahead, Complicate It | With Grit & Grace | http://sashacarrollonline.com

A few months back I found myself sitting on the couch in my Nana’s house in FL just watching my Daddy sleep. Watching his chest rise and fall like a rolling sea tide made me think about just how much I love simple things. Simplicity is such a beautiful thing to me. I find such beauty in what the world sees as mundane. Talking to someone who truly understands me, listening to a song that stirs … [Read more...]

Snail Mail of Life

snail mail of life | with grit & grace | http://sashacarrollonline.com

Do you ever think about your life letter? In a world so riddled with technology, it's  probably safe to say that most folks never even contemplate a "letter" anymore. Everyday you are writing your letter of life. Some days just a word, other days a sentence, but, you are writing regardless. Everyday a brand new sheet of paper is given for you to pen the words of your existence.   Then one … [Read more...]

Broken & Poured Out

Broken & Poured Out | Jesus is the Master Sculptor | http://sashacarrollonline.com

Broken has been a word that has embedded itself in my mind today. Broken families trying to journey a broken road, broken marriages suffering from broken vows, broken children wounded from a broken home, broken hearts bleeding from broken promises, broken smiles strangled by broken dreams, broken people striving to survive in our broken world. This soulful brokenness has ignited an all out … [Read more...]