Sarcastic Truth

Rehab, Rogues and Renegades|With Grit & Grace|

Isn't it just crazy how life can turn colder than the flip side of a pillow in like....3...2...1.... That happened last week when I made an emergency trip to Florida to check on my Daddy and then before I knew it, I was surrounded by Paramedics and sirens and flashing lights and following behind the back door of the ambulance watching my Daddy's┬áhealth bounce from bad to worse. Once arriving to … [Read more...]

Embarrassing Shirker with NO Excuse

Rehab, Rogues and Renegades|With Grit & Grace|

Embarrassing: the state of being foolish in front of others Excuse: a reason you give to explain bad behavior shirker: a person who avoids doing something they are supposed to do I've been so busy. I haven't felt good AT ALL. I had to fly to FL and almost died twice in the process. I had a family reunion. I've had a few speaking engagements. I've been dealing with so very much. I got a … [Read more...]

Sassy Pants

SASSY PANTS|With Grit & Grace|

Hello sweet friends! I have honest to goodness been about to pull my hair out with this blog mess. I haven't been able to log on or publish any kind of post in three weeks. I'll be perfectly honest with you...I've all but given up, hung my white flag of surrender out, shut my computer down and stopped writing...for good! It has just had me simply discouraged. Well, now here I sit, finally able … [Read more...]